The Children Love Santa and Mrs. Claus

Ask any child and they will tell you that they know Santa lives in Antelope when he’s not at the North Pole.  They are assured the reindeer are in the backyard and if not, wonder how did Santa gets here without them.  They tell their parents this is their favorite house.

Santa Dan and Merry (Mary) Gromer absolutely love all things Christmas.  We love the lights, the decorations, the music, eggnog, the smell of Christmas trees and pine cones crackling in the fireplace.  It has always been a special time for us..

We’ve been told that we are just too happy. It’s true, we are very happy or should we say jolly? We love making people happy and seeing a child’s eyes light up as they tell Santa their wishes and show him picture they’ve drawn.  It’s true abandonment!  If only we could capture the love in a child’s heart the way they express their love for Santa Claus. 

Mrs. Claus created both outfits for Santa and herself.  People say we must be the real deal – not like those mall Santa’s. They aren’t mistaken, after all, who’s nose could really be that red??

Two Stories of Compassion – Why We Do This

In 2006 just a week before Christmas, a 10-year old boy with his head down showing lots of sadness in his life, sat in Santa’s lap at a local store.  He was seriously distraught and told Santa he was having a tough time.  “I don’t know what to do, Santa.  My mom and dad just separated and my mom moved me to a new place in the middle of the night and left my Dad at our house. My mom said I have to go to a new school, I

don’t know anyone, I’m scared and I’m sad.  I won’t ever be happy anymore.  My mom won’t let my dad know where we live.  All I want for Christmas is some happiness and my mom and dad to be back together. Santa, can you tell me what to do?”  This little boy shared his heart and all he wanted was to know that Santa was listening and loved him.  After Santa said a few words to the little boy, a few moments later, the boy was jumping and smiling and excited about life and Christmas again.  The outcome of this made Santa very happy!

Here’s another of the many stories we can share with you.  As the Toy and Food donation barrels sat in front of our lighted house each day and night we would check them for new donations.  One night Santa and Mrs. Claus was outside when a little girl came up with her mom. She was carrying a glass jar filled with pennies and nickels.  She brought it to Santa and asked him to use it for toys for another child.  It was everything she had saved. Needless to say, that jar still sits on our shelf reminding us of the unfailing love of a child’s heart so easily caring for another child.

Annual Christmas Toy & Food Drive

Destiny Faith Center, a non-profit ministry, sponsors a Christmas Toy and Food Drive each year for children and families in need. As pastors of Destiny Faith Center, a small church with a big heart in Antelope, CA we consider it a privilege to serve our community and help those who need a helping hand during the holiday season.

In 2007, Destiny Faith Center’s “Christmas Toy and Food Drive” helped a multitude of  families in northern California and Nevada.  Our mission is to reach out to people in love beyond the four walls of our church and community.

Those who give to this ministry can receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donation for their taxes.  Click on link to learn more how you can help and receive tax deductions on your income taxes for helping the needy families and children and homeless.


Would you like to help make a Christmas Destiny for children, teens, singles and parents by becoming a sponsor for the Christmas Toy & Food Drive? Your help is needed to meet the needs of the community and you will be blessing the needy families and their children more than you can ever imagine.