relig-4Because we love Christmas so much, we are constantly thinking about things we can do to usher in a more meaningful Christmas than ever before.  As we all know, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.  Our Savior, Jesus Christ was sent so that we would have everlasting life through Him. 

We can do a lot of things to make Christmas special and memorable.  Below, we have assembled some ideas you can do or partipate in to bring in a warm and joyous Christmas.  So, if you are looking for more to usher in Christmas so you and family members can make it more memorable, look below:

nativity-sceneRead about the birth of Jesus

Let’s face it!  Jesus IS the reason for ALL seasons!  Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, the Messiah and Savior who was sent into this world that the world through Him might be saved. (John 3:16)  Each year, we sit down the read the Bible about Jesus’ birth.  Make Christmas more special and meaningful than ever before.  You and your family will really enjoy the rich meaning and love about the birth of Jesus Christ!

Go Christmas Caroling

This is a Christmas activity that has almost vanished from Christmas.  Caroling was a very accepted and most enjoyable activity to usher in the Season of Christmas.  The number one reason I have heard for not caroling is because people say they have a bad voice. 

Well, you’re not singing alone but with a few others so even if your voice isn’t up to snuff, enjoy singing with others and enjoy singing seasonal Christmas songs.

Bake Cookies

Well, this is where your waistline starts to grow and grow but boy is it fun and tasty!  Go to the store and buy some cookie molds in the shape of a tree or ornaments and make sugar cookies.  Don’t forget to put the frosting and the little decorations on the cookies.  Cookies without the holiday shapes, frosting and colorful decorations just are as good.  There is just something about Christmas cookies that make them taste so good.

Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas

This is a really fun and rewarding Christmas activity.  Instead of singing the “12 Days of Christmas” song, we actually play it out or we take 12 days from Christmas Day and give small presents that each one in our family can open for 12 days prior to Christmas.  Instead of opening your Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, simply go to the store and spend little money buying candy, needed toiletries and other cheap but needed and wanted items and simply wrap them to give to each member of the family.  Then (because the gifts are small) hang them from the tree or lay them on the bow of the Christmas Tree.  For 12 Days everyone can open a small gift and enjoy Christmas even more.  Besides, you don’t open presents that you would open on Christmas Day - Right?

Bring Treats to neighbors

This is one of the warmest acts of love you can give to your neighbor and rewarding too!  A few years ago, we had a neighbor across the street who everyday seemed to be doing well and enjoyed Christmas by bringing their 2 year old daughter to our “Lighted Gingerbread” house to see Santa Claus.  One night, my wife and I were saying that we’d love to bless someone in our neighborhood and went across the street knocking on doors only to find everyone gone for the evening.  So, we tried the next night (December 24) and still no-one was home.  Then we decided to leave the gifts on the neighbor who had the 2 year old daughter some food and a big bag of toys on their porch.  When we woke up the next day to deliver food and toys (as we do an annual toy and food drive) to needy families, we got a knock on the door from our neighbor.  He came over and sat down in our living room and cried while telling us that they were nearly out of food, couldn’t afford to buy presents for their daughter who loved Christmas and Santa Claus and were really depressed on Christmas Eve.  They were too prideful to tell anyone about their situation and were totally surprised and humbled.  Later on, they finally lost their home and moved but they NEVER forgot who delivered the presents and food and realized good friends were in their own neighborhood and they didn’t know until Christmas.  My wife and I were so thrilled and emotionally charged by the situation.  We would’ve never know unless we did the act of giving on Christmas!

Decorate your home inside and out

Sometimes a little work by decorating can really spruce up your Christmas and bring the holiday season more fun and warmth.  Decorate your home both inside and out and don’t be afraid to decorate your front lawn. 

Have your neighbors do the same by encouraging them to decorate and participate.  Helping others while others help you decorate brings warmth and you get to know your friends and neighbor too!

Have a Christmas Block Party

After you decorate the outside of your house from top to bottom and the yard too, invite your neighbors, family and friends to a block party on your driveway.  Start in the late afternoon and early evening to have a lighting party of your house, then serve hot food and refreshments. 

You’ll be amazed how many people will drive by and wonder what your doing.  It’s a good way to meet new friends and neighbors.  Besides you can hand out Candy Canes to all kids of ages!

Drive around and view Christmas lights

Even though we have tons of lights that most of our community and city comes to view, my wife and I still love to go look at other homes to see how beautiful they decorate their homes.  If you decorate your home, you may get some good ideas for your own home. 

Bottom line, you’ll enjoy driving and looking at all the homes in your community that decorate for Christmas.  Take your family, some hot chocolate and maybe surprise the home owners you are viewing by caroling to them with Christmas songs.  They’ll be surprised but you’ll enjoy caroling too!

Family Christmas Party
Like the block party, invite your family and friends over to your house and eat, drink and be merry.  Along with filling your stomachs with food, cake, punch and candy, try playing games for prizes like “12 Days of Christmas”, “Naming the Reindeer”, mixed singles singing with skits etc.  It’s fun and your whole family will enjoy each other and all the party.

Break the “tradition” and make a new tradition while enjoying your loved ones by having a family Christmas party.

Church Christmas Party

One thing about having a church Christmas party is that the real “Spirit” of Christmas is Christ Jesus.  Singing songs, eating and playing games are really rewarding.  Church parties are probably one of the warmer activities and are family oriented.  Children can enjoy games with parents and others and giving stocking full of fruit, nuts, candy and toys make the occasion even more enjoyable.  Ending the party with communion and a candlelight service really makes Christmas even more enjoyable and warm.

Make your Christmas celebration more meaningful and spiritual by praising and worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ!  Your Christmas will be more meaningful and memorable and your loved ones will enjoy a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ! 

Read our favorite Christmas story

This is one of our favorite things to do on Christmas Eve after going out and looking for light displays around town.  Once we return home, we make hot chocolate, eat some cookies and listen to a family member read the story about Jesus Christ from the Bible.  Then we’ll read some classic Christmas stories about Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman etc. 

The children love it, it becomes a warm memorable experience for the whole family at Christmas.  Try reading a Christmas story to your family member or children and see just how meaningful and memorable it is during Christmas.

Watch a Christmas movie

We love watching lots of Christmas movies prior, during and even after Christmas.  Our favorites are classics such as: Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, The Nativity, Deck The Halls, Elf, Ernest Saves Christmas, Home Alone, Jack Frost, The Polar Express and many children’s cartoon classics. 

Often during the year, we become too busy and forget to enhance “family relationships” by doing things together as a family.  By watching a Christmas movie together and/or with family members helps family bonding and relationships of doing things together.  It’s fun and rewarding.

Decorate the Christmas tree

This has become a “dying breed” type of Christmas activity.  After talking to many people, the Christmas trees are decorated primarily by the wife or spouse in the family.  Though many parents help with decorating the tree, they often forget to allow their children to decorate the family Christmas tree.

Children love to decorate and it helps fulfill a deeper Christmas experience and allows them to create popcorn ribbon (garland), paper snowflakes, etc.  Families that have spent time together decorating their family Christmas tree enjoy the holiday season more.

Take toy and food donations to a Charitable Organization and/or Food Bank

This is something so rewarding and fulfilling that everyone should participate in this endeavor.  Each year, millions of children, families, seniors and military personnel struggle during the holiday season.  Many families have lost their homes, jobs or have difficulty meeting their monthly needs during Christmas and the New Year.  Giving is a blessing for you and for those who receive your help.  Therefore, there is no greater gift received than giving to those in need.  Jesus Christ, our Gift, gave His life for us and through His example we can give to others who need our help and are grateful to receive!