First and foremost, thank you for having the interest in stopping by our “Donations” section of this website.  Donations are very important to us as it allows us to be able to distribute toys and food to the needy and homeless children and families of our community. We accept donations of food, toys, and financial contributions.  We are more than happy to take donations and offer those donating to our organization a 100% Tax-deductible Receipt for 2010 through Christmastyme (a Destiny Faith Center and Destiny City Help Corporation (IRS 501c3 Nonprofit Status)).

Your financial contribution helps us help children who are often left out of the toy purchases by those who donate.  Each year, we have many children ages 10-16 who don’t have any gifts to open at Christmas.  In our donation barrels, we often receive toys for boys and girls ages 1-9 years.  Older children don’t receive any toys or gifts because they are left out the giving process.  This is where we come in and through your financial donation, we purchase movie passes, toys (for older children), clothing and other necessary items children of older ages often don’t receive for Christmas.  After all the toys are purchased, we use the the remainder of the money to supplement canned and soft goods with meat to make a complete meal for Christmas.

We need your financial contribution to help those who are less fortunate due to job loss, injury, financial hardship, homelessness, and many other reasons.

If you would like to help in this worthy cause for our Christmastyme Toy and Food Drive, please click on the donate button below. We take CREDIT CARDS and we insure your security is protected through  Click below on our donate button to make your donation to a worthy cause. 

If you are interested in donating toys and food at any of our barrel locations or Christmastyme’s Lighted Gingerbread Home for this worthy cause, please contact us at (916) 332-3555 or on our contact page (Click Here).

If you are donating toys, we respectfully ask that you choose the safest toys available.  If you are not sure if the toy you are wanting to donate is on the “Government Recall List” please check out the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website below:

If you have any questions about what to donate in regards to toys and food, please contact us at (916) 332-3555 or on our contact page (Click Here).

To make a financial contribution and receive a 100% Deductable Receipt for 2010 please click on the “Donate Button” below to donate to this worthy cause.