Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure my children will be safe with Santa?

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the local Sheriff’s department have a clear background check (LiveScan) complete with fingerprints on Santa and Mrs. Claus. 

Do you have references?

Absolutely! Available upon request.  We respect our references privacy not to list them here.  Santa has many hundreds of children, parents and adults alike that can vouch for him too!!!

How soon can I book my event?

The sooner the better!!  We are booking events for the 2010 Holiday Season now.  We can pencil you in for a date but to insure your booking we must have confirmation by payment for event.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on booking Santa and Mrs. Claus

How do we confirm our booking date?

Once price, date and times are agreed upon we ask for a 50% down payment (travel charges may be added).  Depending on the event and location, 100% down payment for event date may be required.  This will confirm your date so you won’t lose it.  We will also put it all in writing and will e-mail you our contract agreement for you to sign.  We would like to receive it signed and sent back to us within 24 hours. 

When is final payment due?

We ask you to pay the balance due one week prior to the scheduled event.  It is too much of a hassle for all parties involved to deal with this on the day of the event.  This allows us to have all agreements fulfilled prior to arrival. Santa’s time is valuable getting ready for Christmas Eve and all those toys to be delivered.  This is especially true if we are traveling out of town to an event.

Why should we invite Mrs. Santa?

Along with Santa, Mrs. Claus will bring extra dimension to your holiday event.

What does Santa wear?

Mrs. Claus made Santa’s outfit just for him!  Santa has a custom designed costume of red plush velvet and white fur. He sports a big black leather belt with a shiny brass buckle and black boots. Santa carries a big red bag to fill with gifts for your guests.  As you talk to Santa he will listen carefully as he peers over his glasses perched at the end of his red nose.  He laughs…Ho Ho Ho!!! and then his eyes squint and his red cheeks turn round!

How does Mrs. Claus dress?

Mrs. Claus is dressed with a floor length shiny red satin skirt over a huge hoop skirt.  She wears a red satin cape with white fur around the border. Her gloves are red with white fur.  She carries a covered wicker basket filled with candy canes to pass out along with Christmas cheer.

What type of event does Santa provide?

Santa and Mrs. Claus are “G-Rated”.  If your private party is an all adult party – you will still get a “G-Rated” visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus.  No strippers here!! Besides . . . Do you really want to see Santa’s “Bowl Full of Jelly” Belly?  I think not!

How should we decorate for Santa?

If Santa and Mrs. Claus are going to be meeting with children or adults and having photos taken, we suggest calling us as we do both Santa and Photos.  We’ll provide a backdrop, Snaplab Dye-Sublimation Photo Printer, Seasonal Foto Folders and/or props which makes your memorable photos more memorable and festive.  Please let us know when planning the event.

Will you pass out anything?

We like to pass out candy canes!  We have a donor that donates a ton of candy canes to us but on occasion we may need to ask you to provide these for us.  If you are a grocery store you probably have a stock of them on hand.  As for presents, we don’t bring presents to events but if you have presents you would like Santa to pass out he would be more than happy to oblige!  Santa loves to pass out gifts!

What about photos with Santa?

Santa loves photos with everybody!  Adults, children, babies, families or groups – he loves them all!  We provide a professional photographer (Mrs. Claus).  For a nominal charge, a photo can be taken with Santa and placed into a nice Holiday Photo Folder.   Please let us know at the time of booking your event.  There will be a charge for this service which can include an elf or two that assists with the photos.

What type of quality are the photos?

We use Nikon Professional Cameras (D300 and D80) cameras with 12 megapixels and higher resolution.  When we provide camera services, we also provide soft boxes that give studio quality photos at an affordable price.  We also provide lighting camera accessories depending on location and event.  The photos turn out very crisp and are resizable for various pictures sizes.  Ask us about our photo packages.

How do I get my photos?

On our Santa visit to your event, we will produce photos in a 4x6 format and place it in an attractive Santa Photo Folder that people will enjoy for years to come.  Our professional cameras and equipment take exceptional “High Quality” photos of you and your guests with Santa.  Photo packages are offered via our website and can be ordered online at (click on the red “Santa Photo” button) or call us to place your order.  Please understand that all photos taken by ChristmasTyme are the “intellectual property” of ChristmasTyme and such and by agreeing to have us take your photos you are also agreeing to allow us to post them on our website for people to enjoy.  Your names, children’s names, phone number or address and e-mail will be kept confidential and private.  No names will be posted on our website, only photos.  Not all photos will be posted to the website.

How do I get my photos printed?

We have consigned with a professional wholesale printer to print our photo packages.  However, if you are only having a picture of Santa taken on location, you will receive your high quality printed photo promptly after we shoot in a decorative photo folder.

What is the most important part of having Santa come for an event?

For us it is the time taken to plan it right.  There is nothing more disheartening than to arrive at a location and nothing is set up and there has been no advertising that Santa is coming that day.  If your business is a retail store it is imperative to the Santa promotion to “promote” it at least two to three weeks ahead of time.  We strongly recommend that you pass out flyers to customers when they check out and post signs at the doors and checkouts of your business.  How much you plan and promote will determine the success of your event.

Regardless whether you are corporate, a retail store, private party, family gathering or parade it is very important to plan and give us all the details at the time of booking so your experience and event will be as special as possible.