We are most thrilled with Santa Dan and Merry Claus.  They are professional, delightful, and warm.  Santa Dan and Merry Claus perform with excellence and with passion.  Their child skills and sensitive personalities enable them to talk to children of all ages including us parents (the big children).  Thank you so much for making our Christmas such a wonderful and memorable holiday.  We will certainly use you again.  You’re the best we’ve had and we’ll call upon you again!  I stopped believing in Santa Claus many years ago until now.  Now, I can confess with all my heart that I truly believe in Santa Claus again and will NEVER forget you guys!

Thank you so much,

Bill and Eva C.  -  Sacramento, CA

Our corporate party was a total success.  You guys are top shelf!  I’m hoping that that you will come back again this next year and we’re planning a bigger and better party for Christmas and New Years!  If I didn’t know better, you were the real McCoys!  You even act real!  Thanks so much for all you did to help us get prepared!   Please make yourselves available for us this next year in 2008!  We want you back!  We tried the rest but YOU guys are the BEST!

Thank you again,

Doug M. - San Jose, CA

You guys asked me to give us a testimonial about your services for Christmas but I had already decided to do so before you and Dan asked.  I can express it in only one small word -- WOW!

Have a great day,

Sydney Christensen, Exec. Marketing Director

--  More testimonies are available upon request --